100,000 NTS Airdrop Each Week Plus 99% Off Trading Fees at Nauticus Exchange

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100,000 NTS airdrop for traders each week for a month.

Nauticus Exchange – which has the ‘best community in crypto’ according to users – has just opened its doors for registration.
The exchange will launch soon with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, and Nauticus Coin (NTS). Between them, these coins represent more than 75 percent of the entire crypto market. The exchange will add 50 more coins in the months after launch, and 100 coins within the year.
The beta exchange will open with USD and AUD fiat pairs and will quickly add EUR, JPY, HKD, and ZAR.
Nauticus offers 99% off trading fees during the first month for any user paying in Nauticus Coins (NTS). That means you can trade 1000 BTC during the launch month for around $6.50 in fees!
And as an added incentive, every user trading in the first month will be eligible for a random airdrop of a 100,000 NTS prize pool each week. That’s 400,000 NTS over the month.
To be eligible all you need to do is sign up and trade.
Nauticus raised just under $20 million in its successful ICO and has built a devoted community according to users in its Telegram group.
That comes down to regular updates, transparency, and the incredible 24/7 customer support of its friendly staff. Check out the Telegram group to find out why they’re so popular.
Nauticus offers lightning-fast automated KYC ID verification which takes around five minutes – no more waiting around for months to get verified to trade.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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Memes and Blockchain: feedback and voting for a meme market

Memes, memes are literally everywhere today. You see them on social media, on forums and some even made the news.
Recently the crypto space has gotten enjoyed a lot of memes as well. Some make fun of the bear market, while others portray famous crypto giants in a fun way. This has naturally attracted more attention to the Meme Factory of District0x.
Back in 2017, the project raised $9 million in its ICO. It’s designed to use ethereum smart contracts in order to power decentralized community applications and marketplaces. The Meme Factory isn’t live yet, but the holders of the DNT token can vote on the development of the project. Essentially the token holders are allowed to vote on the memes that they like the most.
The developers hope that the Meme Factory will become a sort of Ebay marketplace for memes. In time some will become very rare and potentially have a higher value.
Back in May, the project shared its desire to seek community feedback. District0x shared that they would like to have polls in order to educate its users on the community governance mechanisms and share with them all the possibilities.
The polls aren’t focused entirely on the best memes. District0x’s community-friendly approach allowed token holders to vote on the factory’s design. This included parts of the basic layout of the site and the new cryptocurrency’s logo.
Memes can be a fountain of creativity. The DANK tokens can make them artwork
The new cryptocurrency and its token are both referred to as DANK. The tokens are around 1 billion with 80% already given to users, who have participated in the polls. This strategy will also further incentivize token holders to keep voting on future changes. When the Meme Factory goes online, DANK tokens will be used to run its token curated registry. This will further enable the community to decide on the memes, which are worth keeping for sale.
Token holders will have a huge vote in how memes will be presented to those interested in a purchase. Essentially, the memes will be like a trading card, but digital. The factory has been collecting memes from different creators for quite a while. Token holders were able to vote on the proportions and some creators will have to do a little redesigning.
After the project is operational, there are already measures to prevent immediate token sales. Staking a token will have an immediate “lockup” feature. This lockup feature probably doesn’t very good for the current token holders. It’s only natural since the network isn’t operational or proven and the price of the tokens can tank.
As for the voting, it’s a very interesting concept. As soon as a vote is about to begin on the Meme Factory, a screenshot is taken by the protocol of the current distribution of the DNT tokens across Ethereum. Afterwards a new “fake” token is given to every wallet for use in the polls. The number given to the wallets, matches the number of tokens owned. This system allows for a quick, easy and safe way to stake the users’ balance in order to vote. Doing this will not lock up any real DNT tokens.
The circulating supply of 600 000 000 tokens is massive and allows for a huge amount of votes to be cast. The vote, which reached the highest amount of popularity was the one deciding the token logo. More than 70 million tokens were used. The latest, about the most popular memes reached about 39 million.
There is currently not a release date. The developers and founders state that they are learning a great amount from the votes. The feedback is priceless and will allow them to release a product of higher than expected quality. Hopefully more project take this approach and listen to user and community feedback.
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BestMixer.io Packs Unparalleled Features Into a Bitcoin Tumbler Built for Everyone

Cryptocurrency is a notoriously complicated and risky asset class, but it doesn’t have to be
Cryptocurrency has earned a global reputation for being volatile and risky, but one of those two things can be easily fixed by BestMixer.io’s game-changing Bitcoin tumbler that was built with real users in mind. Rather than having a user experience akin to hacking a computer mainframe, the BestMixer.io team delivered a service that centers on ease of use.
Risk in the Bitcoin world has meant hacked exchanges, hacked wallets, and lost funds for many users globally. The main reason behind these events and the risk in crypto is based on the unrelenting drive of cybercriminals and groups using blockchain analysis to expose and unearth user identities on the blockchain, leaving users with a harsh truth: cryptocurrency isn’t anonymous after all.
From the moment you decide to enter the market, something critical in your path to becoming a crypto-holder has to happen first – you’ll need to give your personal details and bank account information over to the gateway you decide upon, whether that’s Coinbase, Poloniex, Bithumb, or another. The natural move after purchasing your coins is to then move them off of the exchange and into your wallet. This move is pivotal because it links, in a permanent way, the account associated with your personal details and your crypto wallet. Importantly, this means that with a sophisticated enough actor, this link can be found out and brought to light, leaving users to deal with tax implications or – worse – stolen funds. The BestMixer.io team’s FAQ succinctly explains the threat and their solution.
BestMixer.io defends against blockchain analysis techniques
Emerging blockchain analysis techniques are becoming more sophisticated by the day, making it easier for government agencies to decipher who owns what on the blockchain. BestMixer.io bitcoin tumbler defends against these forms of analyses by sending coins to your wallet which are composed of incredibly small bits of coins from different sources, thus scrambling your coins’ origins forever and giving you the absolute anonymity and freedom you deserve.
Blockchain analysis is the method by which all of your blockchain-based financial activity is linked and drawn into a neatly arranged sequence for observers. BestMixer.io uses an advanced three-tiered pool system (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) to definitively resist blockchain analysis by tumbling coins through reserves composed of differently sourced funds. The Gamma pool, for instance, contains funds sourced exclusively from the BestMixer.io private reserve and from investors’. When you choose to tumble your coins through the Gamma pool, the coins you receive back are made up of guaranteed clean-sourced funds. BestMixer.io is the only legal bitcoin tumbler offering blockchain analysis resistant coins.
Users who have online anonymity on their mind will also appreciate BestMixer.io’s creation of a Tor-version of their website as well as a letter of guarantee delivered with every order signifying the service’s promise of anonymity to clients. Getting started with the web’s most reliable bitcoin tumbler is as simple as watching this step-by-step tutorial on using the BestMixer.io service.
Media Contact Information:
Website: https://bestmixer.io
Tor: http://bestmixer7o57mba.onion/
Email: bestmixer@protonmail.com
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3140140.0
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The Bigger Picture – How Blockchain Transform the Life

News on cryptocurrency is trending in all social media. One can say it is raining cryptocurrency news in every platform. As a commoner, one might think in what way he/she might be affected by these. Well, the everyday raise and fall of the cryptocurrency affects our lives in ways we don’t even know. Cryptocurrency and other digital currencies are all structured by a technology called the blockchain technology.
Now, let us get some idea about blockchain training. It is simply the training that you need to know how the stuff works and how you can use it to get for the application that are mentioned below. Blockchain training gives the users a hands-on experience on relevant and trending topics in crypto currency.
This particular technology doesn’t only revolutionise the world economy, but can also play a role in various problems one faces in day-to-day life. For example, blockchain can explain the reason behind exceptionally high/unexpected bills for healthcare or help you in finding the perfect employee for a vacancy! Blockchain can make communication easier and make things more.
Blockchain influences the common man because it tends to amend the core or basic sectors of a country.
Healthcare Systems
The biggest problems faced by the current healthcare system is the absence of efficient data management. With the advent of blockchain, the medical data management is simplified. With the simplification and worldwide access comes the ease to research and development of new drugs and treatments.
The same goes with the case of decentralisation of the results of clinical trials. Once on a decentralised system, every researcher can gain access to research output of other researcher working on the same or related issue. This aids in faster and better solutions to problems faced.
Frauds in the medicare system can be drastically brought down with the help of this technology. Fraudulent activities can only take place if humans are involved in the billing system. With blockchain, the entire system is automated, untouched by humans.
Blockchain systems can also prevent the malpractice of overcharging by the service providers. Centralised systems in hospitals can help not only analyse the medical history of the person, but also look into the history of the previous generation. Even errors that are caused by patients due to faulty or partial memory is overcome by this.
Banking Sector
With the cryptocurrencies and blockchain currencies being powered by this technology, changing from paper-based currency into a digital and decentralised system will be easier. The advantages of going digital are that it allows both the bankers and the customers to obtain a single source of information and it eases the paper intensive transaction tasks. The decentralised system also keeps the fraudsters in check as it allows bankers to validate the proof of ownership of assets or other documents digitally.
Millions of Dollars are siphoned off through accounts that are opened with false identities. Identity or data stolen about customers are used for this money laundering purpose. When blockchain is implemented here, a customer can see all the accounts that are under his or her name and also look out for suspicious activity by themselves.
The one big problem that everyone faces during an election is the demand for their physical presence at the time of casting a vote. People often feel very annoyed looking at the big queues in the polling booths or stations. With the incorporation of blockchain technology, casting a vote can be done from anywhere with just swipe of a finger. Follow my vote is one such company that has been working on this project.
This not only allows people to vote from their homes, but to also verify the authenticity of the election results. This can cut down the cost of election by a huge factor as the need for special infrastructure and security is eliminated.
Employee Hiring
All the HR and hiring experts of multinational companies and entrepreneurs of budding companies find it very difficult to find the right guy that fits into the respective role in a company. The need and the type of person required varies depending on the company and the position of vacancy. Companies often find themselves hiring the wrong kind of guy due of lack of information on the person.
When a decentralised database of professionals is created, every company can know the history of each employee, his or her current status of employment etc. This can also ensure that fraudsters are not getting employed in a company at any cost.
Public Records
The Government’s civic administration wing has the important duty of maintaining the records of citizens. It needs to keep in record, all information regarding a citizen and needs to updated frequently. Having these records on paper is very hectic task for the officials. Going digital with the aid of blockchain technology can ease the data management. It also saves millions of trees.
With systems like Ubiquity, the database can be encoded in a digital ledger and safeguards the data from being altered for unethical purposes. Identity theft can also be reduced with this.
Blockchain is one promising technology that will markedly change the future by revolutionising our everyday activities. Once you have got your blockchain training, you can yourself design secure smart contacts.
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Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD Long-Term Reversal Formation

Monero recently busted through a long-term descending trend line to indicate that a reversal from the downtrend is underway. Price has since formed an inverse head and shoulders, which is a classic reversal signal.

Price has yet to break past the neckline of this formation to confirm an uptrend, which might last by at least the same height as the pattern. However, the 100 SMA is still below the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is to the downside. In other words, there’s a stronger chance for the selloff to resume than to reverse.
Monero seems to be breaking past the 100 SMA dynamic inflection point, though, an early signal of bullish momentum. Price could test the 200 SMA dynamic inflection point from here.
Stochastic has turned lower from the overbought zone and continues to move south, indicating that sellers have the upper hand. Meanwhile, RSI is treading sideways to reflect consolidation.

Monero could be poised for some upside, though, as the team unveiled an initiative to make the digital asset less vulnerable to attacks. According to Justin Ehrenhofer, the director of the Malware Response Workgroup, Monero draws hackers because of two factors: First is its privacy so there’s no need to worry about government or corporate supervision and next is the use of a proof-of-work algorithm that makes it CPU and GPU-friendly.
Ehrenhofer explained the rationale for creating the workgroup:
We created this workgroup to help the victims of these mining/ransomware attacks, who often have no idea what Monero, mining, and cryptocurrencies are… the increased prevalence of Monero-related malware prompted the formation of the workgroup.
In a nutshell, Monero is fortifying its security features with the help of the community in this open-source initiative and website that provides fixes for three types of attacks that commonly used: browser-based mining scripts, system/PC based malware, and ransomware.

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Giga Watt Targets Large B2B Customers with Its Newly-developed Giga Pods

Having faced some challenges on its way to growth and development, Giga Watt, a full-service specialized compute power provider that offers such services as equipment sales, maintenance, repair, and private blockchain servicing, is bringing some changes to its strategy. The changes are aimed at expanding opportunities of its customers and strengthening its positions on the market.
Despite the fact that the crypto industry is experiencing slowing rates, Giga Watt is not going to lose its positions. Vice versa, it has an aim not only to survive but to expand its client base and to increase its profits.
Now the company is planning to focus on smaller facilities known as Giga Pods which is aimed at engaging remote customers. Though the company has built a number of mining facilities, it has realized that using of monolithic data centers is not always feasible and appropriate for computing.
That’s why Giga Watt team has designed a new solution to offer. This solution is called Giga Pods, which represent themselves prefabricated wood-frame structures. They are approximately 12 by 48 feet in size and are able to accommodate any type of computing equipment.
Each Pod is equipped with hundreds of high-speed servers and can potentially produce nearly 14 Bitcoin per month. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to avoid active cooling consumption and save power for high-efficiency computing.
Giga Watt views its Giga Pods as a mining solution for major B2B customers. At the current moment, given the present market conditions, the company has a goal to focus on large miners instead of those who are just entering the industry.
Moreover, Giga Pods can be widely used by customers who are seeking for transaction-based high-performance computer services as, for example, rendering medicine. It is also important to mention that the company has some plans to organize sales of its Giga Pods to remote customers.
According to Dave Carlson, Giga Watt co-founder, shareholder, who previously served as the company’s CEO but left his post for personal reasons, Giga Pods let the company not just to attract a more corporate type of a customer to its Washington state series of locations but also to reach customers in remote locations that are looking for a proven solution for their sites.
This year the mining business of Giga Watt is slowing but the company is not going to give up. Speaking about the current situation, Giga Watt’s managing director, George Turner, said:
“The truth is that we are in trouble, but we are not done fighting to make things right for our clients. We have a very lean, skilled team in place, and we have a workable plan to take care of our clients while making the company profitable. In the interim, we hope that our clients will stand by us, as we strive to satisfy all of our obligations.”
It has become known that the company is going to review its service pricing with a view to get over the growing gap between fixed costs and the falling profitability of crypto-mining. Moreover, its plans to offer some discounts to its WTT token holders and maintain their token leasing rights.
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Monero Community Launches New Website to Battle Mining and Ransomware Attacks

The team of Monero, the company behind an open-source cryptocurrency XMR, has launched a new website to assist  those who are affected by unwanted crypto mining malware. With this aim, on September 26, the Monero Malware Response Workgroup was created.

NEW: The Monero Malware Response workgroup has created a dedicated website to help those who are infected with mining malware, have come across unwanted in-browser mining, or have hit Monero ransomware. Community support for those affected is coming soon!https://t.co/rqFeVFrjU0
— Riccardo Spagni (@fluffypony) September 25, 2018

Monero (XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency created in April 2014. It focuses on fungibility and decentralization.  Monero is committed to providing the maximum amount of decentralization, privacy and security. It includes several design components, including an accessible Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm and mandatory privacy to better meet these objectives. An accessible “Proof of Work” algorithm makes it easy to mine Monero on normal computers, which makes it more difficult for someone to purchase a large amount of mining power.
Some organizations use Monero miners to cover hosting costs as an alternative to paywalls or advertisements, however, malicious hackers have also used it to earn money from machines without users’ consent. They may run miners on webpages that activate without a user’s consent, infect machines or hide it in other packages and run mining software, encrypt the local files, and demand a ransom payment in Monero.
In July of this year, Monero conducted a third-party audit of the platform by the US-based firm New Alchemy, which made XMR wallet one of the few wallet platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem which carried out such an audit and published the results in the public domain.
According to Justin Ehrenhofer, hackers are attracted to XMR by two main factors:
“Attackers like Monero for two reasons: 1) it is private, so they do not need to worry about companies and law enforcement tracing what they do with the Monero after they mine it, and 2) Monero uses a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm that is CPU and GPU-friendly; thus, the infected machines are competitive. These two components are increasingly distinguishing factors for why attackers choose to mine Monero over other cryptocurrencies.”
With introducing the Monero Malware Response Workgroup Website, visitors will be informed on the ways to prevent and remove malware. Moreover, the site includes remedies for browser-based mining scripts, system/PC based malware, and ransomware.
Ehrenhofer said:
“Monero itself and the community aren’t attacking computers, but the computers are attacked with some vulnerability and the attacker decides to run mining software on the compromised machines.”
To prevent this, the Monero Malware Response Workgroup will educate users who may have no background knowledge on cryptocurrencies and inform them about the best ways to stay protected.
Ehrenhofer further added:
“We are working on adding live chat directly to the website, and we need to make some more modifications to fix some broken links. Soon we will be looking for volunteers who can help other users.”
The Monero community is taking a proactive step to deal with novel malware, and their initiative is likely to be profitable.
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Malta PM at UN General Assembly: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are Inevitable Future

Malta has gained a reputation of a crypto-friendly country and positions itself as ‘Blockchain Island’. As the country is actively encouraging crypto firms and takes part in the European Blockchain Partnership, many crypto companies have already moved their offices there, and some are considering blockchain use cases in the state’s government and corporate sectors. In September, Waves Platform, a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations, started such a discussion with the Maltese government.
Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is very enthusiastic about blockchain. Last week, he spoke at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly held in New York City. Muscat stated that blockchain technology will inevitably make cryptos the future of money. He said:
“I passionately believe technology revolutionises and improves systems. Which is why, in Malta, we have launched ourselves as the Blockchain Island by being the first jurisdiction to regularise a new technology that previously existed in a legal vacuum.”
He added:
“Blockchain makes cryptocurrencies inevitable future of money. More transparent it helps filter good business from bad business.”
Muscat also noted that blockchain can do much more. In his speech, Malta’s Prime Minister explained that the local government is passionate about the potential of the blockchain and its ability to eliminate third party service providers to give users complete freedom over information and money.
“It can provide new solutions to healthcare systems where patients have real ownership of their medical records.  Emissions trading systems can be taken to the next level.  We can help verify that humanitarian assistance is reaching its intended destination.  We can make sure that nobody is deprived of their legitimate property because of compromised data.  Corporations will be able to become more accountable to their shareholders.  States will need to move from hoarding information on citizens to regulating an environment where citizens trust the handling of their data.”
According to Joseph Muscat, there are of course some problems connected with transition to a digital economy. Many people around the world stick to “concepts that we have believed would stay with us forever”, such as the meaning of work, compensation for labor, and the government’s role in providing safety nets for citizens.
He also pointed out that some of the challenges will result from resistance of those who are afraid that the new emerging economy will lead to massive job losses and additional poverty.
However, there will be huge advantages for countries that will manage to adapt to the new digital age. Malta PM believes that “those who will be able to pair the digital economy with a new state, the digital state, will be best poised to have a futureproof society where change does not galvanise extremes, but provides for other decades of sensible, mainstream policymaking and prosperity.”
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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Bulls Show Hesitation

Bitcoin appears to have broken past its symmetrical triangle top but is still hovering close to the resistance. This reflects some hesitation among buyers before taking price further north, possibly signaling that the break was a fake out as well.

In that case, Bitcoin could slump back inside the chart pattern to resume its consolidation. Then again the price is already close to the peak of its formation so a breakout is due soon. The 100 SMA is below the longer-term 200 SMA, though, so the path of least resistance might still be to the downside. In other words, a break below the triangle support might be more likely to happen.
If so, Bitcoin could slide by around $2,500 or the same height as the triangle pattern. The price would need to break below its short-term ascending channel for that to happen, though. Stochastic is reflecting the presence of bullish pressure as it moves north but is closing in on the overbought zone to signal exhaustion. RSI appears to be treading slightly lower to signal that bears have the upper hand.

Bitcoin has had a good number of factors propping it up over the past week, including news that Google will be reversing its ban on Bitcoin and ICO ads this month. While the search engine will only be accepting ads from regulated entities targeting audiences in the US and Japan, it could still bring a strong revival in general market interest. Apart from that, it also represents a thumbs-up in terms of regulation in those countries as their ban was originally aimed at protecting consumers.
Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee still expects a strong rebound before the year closes, citing factors coming up in early 2019 as a reason for long positions to build up. These two factors are strengthening the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency exchange market and FOMO of institutional investors.

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Bearish Crypto Market Pushes Valuation of Most ICOs in the Red

The initial coin offering industry is under a lot of pressure. Projects need to perform as quickly as possible. In the world of ICOs, that is very difficult to achieve. So far, nearly 70% of all initial coin offerings are valued at half of or less of their originally projected value. A worrisome trend which has investors concerned.

ICOs are Struggling to Keep Investors Happy
A report by Diar shows things do not look all that great for most initial coin offerings. Numerous projects have been analyzed over the past few months. Initial launch prices for tokens are no longer being met in seven out of ten cases. This further confirms how cutthroat the industry really is. There is no time to waste when it comes to developing potential killer apps.
The initial coin offering industry has no lack of funding. The year 2018 has resulted in a new record volume being raised by various projects. This is despite the bearish year 2018 has been for nearly all cryptocurrencies. Living up to the expectations has been difficult for most teams of developers. A big gap has appeared between how they perceive the value of a project, and what the market thinks its real worth is.
According to the research, the number of successful ICOs is at a year-long low. Additionally, the strong start in terms of funding has quickly evaporated during the Summer August was a new low in terms of capital raised from token sales. Neither of these indicators is positive or inspiring. Instead, it appears even further value declines may loom on the horizon for initial coin offerings.

Declines Were to be Expected
The research by Diar highlights some issues in the ICO industry. Poor capital management is one of the biggest concerns at this time. There is also the bearish market trend of 2018 which affects both cryptocurrencies and ICOs alike. Combined with the statistic of how 90% of projects will ultimately fail, there are plenty of reasons to be cautious.
Even so, industry experts are not overly concerned. Some expect the proper companies to push ahead regardless of hurdles along the way. Some of these token issuers will meet their demise, but that is entirely to be expected due to the competitive nature of the industry. Investors will continue to see merit in high-quality projects and contribute accordingly.
This new research may affect regulatory decisions affecting ICOs. Numerous governments are exploring ways to curb the enthusiasm among companies looking into this option. With proper guidelines, a lot less risk for investors will be introduced. Several countries have banned all ICO activity until further notice. Given these statistics, that may not be an unwarranted decision.
What do you think about the ICO industry’s decline? What will it take to turn it around? Let us know in the comments below.

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