Tezos Price Analysis: XTZ/USD Bullish Break and Pullback

Tezos recently surged sharply to the 1.4700 levels as the co-founder of this digital coin shared that they will be looking to the video gaming market. According to Kathleen Breitman, online video games are one of the most promising applications for the smart contract service that raised $232 million in one of the biggest ICO […]

How This Blockchain-Powered Platform Aims to Prevent Mortgage Fraud

Not known for being the swiftest afoot, especially when it comes to snuffing out potentially hazardous mortgage lending practices, the Federal National Mortgage Association—also known as Fannie Mae—has reached out to lenders in the L.A. County area to alert them to potential mortgage fraud schemes. The implications of this warning shouldn’t be underestimated. Fannie Mae […]

Nasdaq Will Launch a Tool for Predicting Crypto Price Movements

An American stock exchange Nasdaq is preparing to launch a new tool for predicting the price movements of cryptocurrencies on its Analytics Hub, which will provide institutional investors with the ability to trade hundreds of crypto assets. Nasdaq is the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, behind only the New York Stock Exchange.  In 2006, the status of […]

Crypto Terrorism: Stopping Cryptocurrency for Terrorist Groups

One of the biggest threats of our time is terrorism. This plague upon the modern world comes in many shapes and forms. Crypto terrorism is something relatively new and it’s something which should be looked at very seriously. Some people believe that governments and government agencies are funding terrorist organizations around the globe. Whether or […]

‘Stablecoins Coming’: NYDFS Approves USD-Pegged Cryptocurrency Tokens by Gemini and Paxos

Over the last year, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a gradual rise in the launch of stablecoin projects. Stablecoin is a digital token pegged to a fiat currency with a fixed value at any given time. Crypto investors and exchanges prefer using stablecoin to quickly trade digital assets without going through the hassle of crypto-to-fiat conversions […]

IOTA Partners With Three Major Industry Giants to Spearhead IoT Developments

Blockchain projects that offer real-life and unique value propositions have succeeded to get visibility within the global industrial community. IOTA (MIOTA) is one such project with an aim to revolutionize the IoT (Internet-of-Things) industry through its blockchain technology. The IOTA (MOITA) project gets a big boost with its strategic industrial collaborations with three big giants – […]

Blockchain Branches Out to Provide Digital Driver’s Licenses in Australia

The latest blockchain venture in Australia involves doing away with plastic driver’s licenses and using a digital version instead. Australia is one country that is continuing to explore and embrace blockchain. They have plans to incorporate the technology into their Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and will even launch their own blockchain. However, an important part of […]

Russia’s Dmitry Peskov: Cryptocurrency Cannot Be Allowed Now

The latest crypto comments coming out of Russia aren’t good. While certain industry regulations are being looked at, authorities believe that there is no place for virtual currencies until a clear guideline is developed. Russia has a very fickle relationship with cryptocurrencies. One day you hear that crypto mining is expanding in the country, the next […]