Institutional Investors Step up Investments In Cryptocurrency Market

While that you would be waiting for institutional investors’ entry in the crypto market, let me tell you they have already started chipping in! The latest report from Bloomberg notes that “Institutional investors are becoming more involved in the $220 billion cryptocurrency market than many observers may realize.” Bobby Cho, global head of trading at […]

Vote Buying: EOS Protocol Blamed for Having an Incomplete Approach to Governance

Having received a number of claims of suspicious voting activities among block producers, Block.One, the creators of the EOSIO software, for the development of which they managed to raise $4 billion in their long-lasting initial coin offering, published a statement in the company’s official blog. The statement is signed’s CEO, Brendan Blumer. The statement […]

Dogecoin creator, Jackson Palmer: Developers need to incentivize people to use DApps

The creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer addressed recently decentralized applications or DApps. He emphasized that cryptocurrency developers and the cryptocurrency community need to find a way to motivate people to use decentralized applications (DApps). The existing users of centralized networks and systems need to be incentivized more to use DApps, because the existing users of […]

Novogratz: $8 Billion Coinbase Valuation Proves Cryptos Are Not Tulips

Michael Novogratz, a Bitcoin bull has said that the multi-billion-dollar valuation of Coinbase proves that cryptocurrencies are not “tulips.” Coinbase Valued at $8 Billion In a jibe aimed at the skeptics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, a cryptocurrency investment firm, has said that the reported multi-billion-dollar valuation of Coinbase, […]

Stellar (XLM) Price Analysis: Trends of October 4–10, 2018

Key Highlights: Downtrend movement may be experienced; there is a possibility of further consolidation; traders should patiently watch out for the breakout. XLM/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging Supply levels: $0.30, $0.35, $0.45 Demand levels: $0.24, $0.21, $0.18The cryptocurrency was pushed up to break both supply levels of $0.21 and $0.24 last week. The price reached the […]

Alastria Signs Contract with Autonomous Spanish Community: Mass Blockchain Implementation is the Target

An autonomous Spanish community is going for a unique approach. Aragon is one of the 17 autonomous Spanish communities and they just signed with Alastria. The blockhain ecosystem has, including companies and institutions, more than 270 entities. Their agreement aims to create tools, which are in accord with the Spanish and European Union legal frameworks […]