Bitcoin Mining or Fighting Poverty? How Should Paraguay Leverge Its Energy Abundance?

South American countries are struggling financially. Very tough decisions will need to be made in the years to come. For Paraguay, one decision can be very crucial to the nation’s economy. Deciding between supporting Bitcoin mining or addressing poverty can trigger an avalanche of consequences. The Current State of Paraguay Current statistics associated with Paraguay […]

Thailand Revenue Department Turns to Blockchain in Tax Evasion Probe

Thailand’s Revenue Department is planning to leverage blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to crack down on tax evasion, improve tax filing and refunds. Tracking Defaulters Using New Technologies The revenue department of Thailand is planning to adopt new technologies like blockchain and machine learning for probing cases of tax evasion according to the chief of […]

To Infinity and Beyond – ConsenSys Buys Asteroid Mining Company

While it may not be their final frontier, ConsenSys has definitely entered into a new era. The blockchain-based company has recently acquired Planetary Resources, a U.S.-based asteroid mining company. ConsenSys has been very busy indeed. The Brooklyn-based blockchain platform has been expanding their team and has also become an integral part of Global Digital Finance’s (GDF) goal […]

TEMCO: First Supply-Chain Platform to Utilize the Bitcoin Network (RSK), Successfully Secures Funding from Nexus One

CoinSpeaker TEMCO: First Supply-Chain Platform to Utilize the Bitcoin Network (RSK), Successfully Secures Funding from Nexus One TEMCO the world’s first supply chain platform based on the Bitcoin Network (RSK), has received funding from leading crypto-accelerator “Nexus One”. TEMCO is a decentralized supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain data and offers business/consumer-side services. […]

Prepaid Cards for Buying Bitcoin from GetCryptoPoints

CoinSpeaker Prepaid Cards for Buying Bitcoin from GetCryptoPoints In 2017, the rate of the crypto-coin updated the highs almost every month.  In 2018 – we are still waiting for the “winter race” and it is coming up.  With the growth of the rate, the market capitalization of this currency increases, and traders play and benefit […]

Bytus: A Global Digital Payment Platform to Make Crypto POS Easier

Blockchain technology has built a strong history for itself by disrupting various industries. And yet, cryptocurrency adoption continues to lag. Bytus is here to address the issue, with a global digital payment platform that makes cryptocurrency payments on online and brick-and-mortar shops a lot easier. The apprehensions about accepting cryptocurrency payments due to associated price […]

HSBC Facilitates India’s First Blockchain Trade Finance Transaction

HSBC recently facilitated India’s first blockchain trade finance transaction. This development reinforces the narrative that despite the negative stance towards cryptocurrency in India, there is some focus on the benefits of blockchain technology in the country. Details of the Transaction According to The Times of India, the British Banking behemoth recently executed a trade finance […]