The first Crypto Bank will open in Switzerland in 2019

Nowadays banks aren’t ranked too high when it comes to public opinion. In fact, most people who initially got interested in crypto and blockchain, did so because of the lack of trust for the banking system. A new Swiss-based startup however, plans to unite cryptocurrencies and banking by creating the first crypto bank. SEBA Crypto […]

How to Monetize Your Talents in Crypto

Although, many people have heard about how profitable the blockchain and crypto industry can be. One of such news spread like wildfire when bitcoin hit the peak price of $20,000 in 2017. However, only few people actually have more than a general knowledge about cryptos and how to make money through them. A lot of […]

Potential of Crypto in Action: Bitcoin User Moved $194M in BTC with $0.1 Fee

Until now there are fierce debates revolving around the capacity of Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrency wagon to serve as a route for multi-million transactions and ultimately replace conventional banking system with the seamless blockchain. Some people remain skeptical about a star-folding future of Bitcoin and digital currencies described by their supporters, citing scalability […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Bullish Flag at Range Resistance

Bitcoin price recently busted through several key resistance levels and consolidation patterns to indicate that gains are in the cards. However, price is currently consolidating around the $6,800 level while traders wait for more directional clues. A small symmetrical triangle can be seen but this also looks like a bullish flag pattern on the longer-term […]

Spatium Team has All the Right Answers at the Ethfinex Governance Summit

When the Ethereum-based Ethfinex exchange called together a summit with key stakeholders in the crypto community, those who were selected to attend were all deeply knowledgeable about the most pressing problems facing the industry. Those problems include concerns over distributed governance, distributed storage of data, distributed signing of transaction and more. However, what stole the […]