Yesterday, iCap Equity and the startup Harbor announced a partnership focused on real estate tokenization.
Although still in its early phases, the partnership aims to tokenize over $100 million in real estate funds.
Harbor’s yesterday blogpost revealed that iCap Equity will be making use of Harbor’s blockchain-enabled platform in order to improve the liquidity of four of its real estate funds. The four funds are responsible for over $100 million in real estate assets.
Harbor decided to create the tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are representing portions of the managed funds. With the partnership focused on real estate tokenization, iCap Equity’s investors and placement agents will be able to trade iCap securities among themselves.
Real estate tokenization is still practically unheard of
Real estate tokenization is a rather new concept and the general expectation is that the tokenized funds will end up improving the liquidity for real estate investors.
The CEO of iCap Equity Christ Christensen stated:
“Our company provides high-yield investment opportunities for many investors. These investments however, typically come with a lock-up period between 3 and 5 years simply due to the nature of investments being in real estate. Now, with the new partnership with Harbor, we are able to provide our investors with the same strong returns, but also provide an option for investors to liquidate the funds easier if such a situation arises.”
Harbor’s CEO Josh Stein stated:
“iCap Equity are developing a more efficient and liquid model for real estate funds. They aim to offer the option of locking capital, without locking up the investors.”
Now, real estate investing is no simple feat. For one of the world’s largest markets, a lot of people generally have no idea that there are countless different types of real estate investments. If this new partnership is successful with the concept of real estate tokenization, many new investors will probably be entering the market.
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