Who doesn’t like an open world scavenger hunt, especially when the reward is $1 million worth of bitcoin?
This fall, Satoshi’s Treasure is coming to many different university campuses throughout the entire world. No one is really certain who is behind the worldwide crypto scavenger hunt, but the game seems to be operated by a very small, mysterious company which is based on a remote tropical isle.
It seems that finding out more about the game and its creators seems to be a part of the game itself. Primitive Ventures and other investors are sponsoring the game.
The open world scavenger hunt is open to everyone
As the crypto scavenger hunt progresses, more and more keys will become available around the world. Puzzles and riddles will hide away countless cryptographic keys. There is not requirement which states that a person cannot compete solo, but it’s highly preferred that a team is gathered due to the large amount of key fragments required for victory.
The first person or team which manages to collect 400 key fragments will be rewarded with the price.
Eric Meltzer, the game’s co-creator has stated there’s currently over 100 000 people registered on the e-mail list for auto updates and announcements related to the game. These announcements and updates include clues and important information and so far, 40 have been released.
Blockventure Coalition has partnered up with Philip Forte and Tyler Wellener and together they are starting a North American campus tour which will involve 20 universities. The tour will host educational meetings and mini scavenger hunts which are aimed at popularizing the game with students.
The campus-wide scavenger hunts will have smaller rewards and the details are still in the works. The main goal is however, to popularize blockchain and cryptocurrencies to young adults because there’s a drastic demand for blockchain education.
Many people have remained skeptical about the worldwide crypto scavenger hunt and due to the rumors that label it a government program designed to recruit highly talented young adults into high-level government agencies.
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