DAO.Casino Rebrands to DAOBet for Enhanced Market Positioning

Coinspeaker DAO.Casino Rebrands to DAOBet for Enhanced Market PositioningOne of the core elements to business strategies is name branding, as businesses always want to leave an impression that speaks of their products or services and to stand out among the competition. Gaming infrastructure platform DAO.Casino is one such firm to use this strategy to bring its users the best of blockchain to the gambling industry. The new name, DAObet, is one it believes will help provide more visibility for the platform with regards to their core operation.The responsibility of managing a solutions company can truly be a daunting task but even more challenging is a misunderstanding of the product. The company now recognizes that its old brand name could have sometimes set them on the wrong side of the market.The new name DAOBet hopes to better associate the firm with blockchain gaming infrastructure rather than online casinos. DAOBet is a company already known for being able to serve high transaction speeds, and unpredictable algorithms based on a proprietary random number generator. The new strategy will ensure the market opportunities are well optimized as they would be able to count on wider reach to their target audience within the gambling industry.Rather than being associated with a betting platform, DAOBet an EOS-compatible blockchain and will focus on a branding that helps its user base to connect its core services to market participants to include: casino operators, game developers, affiliates, players, and bankrollers. Its core service is an automated blockchain system that allows its users to leverage the power of decentralized technology to building casino-related games with ease.Competitive AdvantageCurrently in its testnet phase and with the mainnet imminent, DAOBet believes it has a competitive advantage in a highly aggressive market of blockchain-based infrastructure organizations. It opts for the combining of high-end performance systems to help create the ultimate solutions infrastructure for the blockchain gaming industry.DAOBet will essentially attract other players in the decentralized ecosystem, especially those who are interested in staking and building decentralized apps. Ultimately, this marketing strategy to reposition itself and create more brand recognition will reflect its true service market.DAO.Casino Rebrands to DAOBet for Enhanced Market Positioning

The Best New Feature of the Apple’s New iPhone is Discounted Price
Wednesday September 11, 2019

Coinspeaker The Best New Feature of the Apple’s New iPhone is Discounted PriceAs we already reported, yesterday Apple revealed all the newbies regarding their products and – what obviously was the most interesting event of all – launched their new iPhones. And – no one was really thrilled.Let’s just remind you that there were three […]

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