Walmart Files Patent to Create its Own Libra-Like Stablecoin

Coinspeaker Walmart Files Patent to Create its Own Libra-Like StablecoinWalmart Inc, the American multinational retail corporation headquartered in Arkansas, could be interested in biting a piece of the crypto pie with plans to float a Libra-like digital asset of its own. The company has already made an official application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark […]

Why Proof of Stake is the Future of Blockchain Technology?

Coinspeaker Why Proof of Stake is the Future of Blockchain Technology?Being a crypto investor, you must be well-aware that Bitcoin, along with most other cryptocurrencies, uses Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism for the verification of transactions on its network.This most commonly used blockchain verification method is the reason behind the various problems of Bitcoin and […]

Governments, Step Up Your Cryptocurrency Support, or Get Left Behind

Coinspeaker Governments, Step Up Your Cryptocurrency Support, or Get Left BehindIt’s time for governments around the world to no longer stay in the shadows, observing the cryptocurrency landscape from afar and simply do nothing. Government and anti-crypto media have for a long time primarily associated cryptocurrencies with criminals, computer nerds, and Silk Road. But that […]

Facebook’s Libra vs the World’s Governments: Will Mark Stand a Chance?

Coinspeaker Facebook’s Libra vs the World’s Governments: Will Mark Stand a Chance?Influential payment systems, marketplaces, telecommunication companies, VCs and blockchain solutions have all expressed interest in Libra, Facebook’s currency-to-be. The stated mission of the Libra Association launched by Facebook is to create a global currency that looks threatening to the world’s governments.What is LibraThe Libra […]

China Thinks EOS Is Far Superior to Bitcoin

China is continuing its long-running (and mixed) streak with cryptocurrencies. A recent analysis submitted by the country’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) suggests that the best cryptocurrency available today is EOS, while bitcoin was much further down the list.  China Says EOS Is Number One As mentioned, EOS earned the top spot, while […]

Coinbase Custody Will Manage Grayscale Crypto Assets

Grayscale Investments, an asset manager for bitcoin and assorted cryptocurrencies, is moving billions of dollars-worth of crypto investments over to Coinbase Custody, a platform developed by the U.S.’ leading cryptocurrency exchange for professional and institutional traders. Sources claim it is one of the largest cryptocurrency transfers to occur in the history of the space. Grayscale […]

Delphi Digital: Bitcoin Is Likely to Surge Further

There’s some good news this morning for bitcoin enthusiasts. At press time, the currency is trading for well over $10,500, and it seems the currency has shot up by more than $500 during the early morning hours of Friday, August 2. Bitcoin Is Swelling Fast This is especially pleasing to the eye considering how poorly […]

Bitcoin Suisse Conducted a BTC Transaction at Record Altitude

Crypto services and financial provider Bitcoin Suisse state they conducted a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction at the highest altitute in a promo stunt that occurred on the 13th of July. NEW ALL-TIME HIGH! On July 13th, Bitcoin Suisse conducted the highest bitcoin trade ever recorded on the summit of Breithorn, Switzerland, 4164m above sea level. #Pioneering […]

Pundi X and Samsung Collaboration: Integration of the XWallet

The South Korean giant Samsung and crypto payment startup Pundi X’s new collaboration will enable clients to effortlessly integrate the XWallet application to their Samsung Blockchain Wallet. In a blog entry shared on July 29, Pundi X shared that it has incorporated its crypto wallet solution into the Samsung’s blockchain system, hence pushing mainstream adoption […]