Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Efforce to Enhance Energy Efficiency through Blockchain in Malta

Coinspeaker Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Efforce to Enhance Energy Efficiency through Blockchain in MaltaOne of Apple’s co-founders, Steve Wozniak, has co-founded a new blockchain-based company called Efforce. The new firm primarily focuses on energy efficiency and it will start its operations in Malta. Wozniak is investing in a project that is close to his heart as described by The Malta Independent in a Maltese news report.Speaking at the pre-launch of the Delta Summit, Wozniak explained that efficiency has always been quite important to him. He believes that saving money on energy is doubly advantageous since it is beneficial to the environment too. The Efforce energy-efficient company sees Wozniak and Jacopo Visetti teaming up in a Maltese crypto hub.Visetti co-founded Efforce in January 2018 and based on his career profile, he has spent some time working in the environment and renewable energy sector. He has gathered experience in these fields for the past 9 years. According to Efforce’s description of the company:“It is the first platform that allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide”Their goal is to be recognized as the first and main platform in the world for tokenized energy savings.Wozniak thinks that blockchain can enhance energy consumption while simultaneously improving its efficiency without changing any habits. He also thinks that Efforce is the key company in this area and so far it has succeeded exponentially. The tech figurehead also acknowledges that blockchain technology is more secure than the normal servers. Malta is his perfect place to invest in the technology. He added:“EFFORCE is a unique business model and we can have a great impact on the entrepreneurship.”The Maltese GovernmentWozniak confirmed that the company chose Malta since the government there is open-minded and willing to invest in blockchain. He remarked that for long he had seen Malta on the maps and had a desire to live there someday. Parts of the government are quite favorable in moving forward in the modern world.Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri was present at this event. Silvio explained that the government looked at various areas in which they can diversify the economy. “We wanted to disrupt the way we do things, and embrace technology”, added he.The government started with blockchain in 2018 after going through the unchartered terrain of cryptos amidst widespread bans outside of Europe. The secretary said that the government has not stopped with blockchain but wants to delve into other things. He noted:“We want to provide a better life for our citizens.”The government has started a review exercise at the University of Malta to feature investment technologies modules in various courses. It targets to churn out people who know how to think and majorly disrupt the status quo.The government now uses blockchain in its daily functions and the Secretary referred to various instances that successfully implement blockchain. As CoinSpeaker has reported earlier, the government has been supportive of the new technology with the Maltese parliament passing cryptocurrency-friendly bills.Jacobo Visetti’s TakeOn the other hand, Jacobo Visetti said he began exploring the area some years ago. He also decided to apply energy efficiency projects to the blockchain. Jacobo said that the investment is good for business and the environment. According to him, Malta was the most open-minded country they could find in the world in terms of new technology.The CEO of the Delta Summit Abdalla Kablan said that October’s event will be “the crown jewel of tech events globally.” It will expand from blockchain to include E-sports, game development, and Internet of Things supported by the regulatory structure recently introduced on the subject.Steve Wozniak Co-Founds Efforce to Enhance Energy Efficiency through Blockchain in Malta

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