PBET Token Fully Integrated and Now Available on Trust Wallet

PBET, the native token of Pbet, is now fully integrated in Binance official wallet, Trust Wallet accessible for download at trust wallet.com
Emerging crypto gaming platform Pbet has always shown promise since its inception and seems to be gaining traction fast in the crypto scene of late. Already a rising favorite, its native token, PBET, is in the process of getting listed on multiple prestigious exchanges and is now made available on the most trusted wallet in the crypto space, the Binance Trust Wallet.
“We are excited to announce the integration of our token in Binance’s official wallet Trust wallet. Binance is certainly one of the most prestigious crypto exchanges out there and we believe that this is first step toward the achievement of our vision to get listed on such a prestigious exchange. It’s a great moment of joy to see our token fully integrated to Trust Wallet and we promise to continue our efforts toward the realization of the listing on Binance”, stated Vincent Deblois from Pbet.
Pbet is developed with the innovative mission to facilitate the convergence between physical and online casinos via its unique Unified Gaming Platform. It aims to create a strong synergy between these two channels, while integrating cryptocurrencies into payments. Pbet aspires to help physical casinos to expand online but without the typical issues of online expansion, like high fees, lack of access to specialized resources, lack of integration of land-based insights and hardly expandable rewards club. The platform also assures relief for players hesitant to play online due to high fees for online payments, delayed withdrawals and other related issues.
Pbet’s native token PBET is developed to offer a number of benefits to make online expansion easier for both physical casinos and players.

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Token payment will resolve the issue of higher transaction fees with online gaming
Offering a secured, portable and convenient payment method for players while traveling
Same token can be used in both physical and online casinos. The token carries easy fund transfer capabilities through its Unified Gaming Platform
Pbet enables special bonuses on the basis of token use metrics within local casino partners, sharing same Reward Club
Help small scale gaming studios to develop top-notch crypto-based games
Facilitate an easy mode of payment between various partners operating in the entire Pbet ecosystem like players, casinos, affiliates, partners with Reward Club and so on.

Thursday January 01, 1970

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The post PBET Token Fully Integrated and Now Available on Trust Wallet appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.