Fidelity Digital Assets Hiring New Blockchain Professionals

Coinspeaker Fidelity Digital Assets Hiring New Blockchain ProfessionalsFidelity, which is a major asset manager in the world, specifically created Fidelity Digital Assets branch which specializes in crypto-related assets. More recently, they announced that they are adding Bitcoin to their services and will offer crypto trading in the future.However, now they are looking for more people with knowledge about the specific asset class.The new positions include vice president, director, leading software engineer, blockchain software engineer, product designer, and others. Judging by a few of the leadership roles, it is clear that they are looking to cover a serious entity within their company. Possibly, creating yet another branch.Although these leadership roles have been sitting around in their website for more than two months, they have reposted it and expanded their need for additional human resources.The new vice president will be serving as a chief technology officer. The main responsibilities for the role would be design, architecture, and delivery of a new platform, maintenance of existing platforms and compliance with Fidelity’s security standards.The requirements for the desired role are a practical experience developing on public blockchain platforms similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, and experience with private blockchain platforms.Additionally, director of product management role will be responsible for building new crypto-related offerings and maintaining relationships with Fidelity’s partners. They are asking for an experience with institutional clients, securities trading, and custody “as well as the operational and regulatory constructs around them,” reads the job description.As regards developers, they need to be familiar with DLT platforms like Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ethereum. Also, they will be the leader of a team of two to five engineers working on blockchain-based solutions.Moreover, they are also looking for a blockchain software engineer with experience in Bitcoin and Ethereum in order to test “numerous blockchain projects and proposals, with an eye to which may be useful to Fidelity,” reads the job description.Well, that much for blockchain-related positions, they are also hiring loads of other people like an associate analyst, which needs to be focused on trading. Also, a customer service representative, a senior quality engineer, a senior analyst for trade support, and an associate analyst for custody service.These job positions will be “resolving trade breaks, proactively monitoring order flow, identifying and escalating trade discrepancies, resolving trading and exchange-related disputes, and providing key external client support,” says the description.Fidelity Digital Assets Hiring New Blockchain Professionals

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Wednesday October 16, 2019

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