Blockchain adoption is slowly but surely happening. Microsoft has plans to introduce a handful of improvements to its Power Platform.  Allegedly, blockchain-based tools will now be available to PowerApps.
More details about the blockchain-based tools will be revealed during the Microsoft Business Applications Summit held in Atlanta.
Microsoft’s Power Platform itself is a recently-given name to some tools, which have been sold for a while like PowerApps, MicrosoftFlow and PowerBl.
This is rather interesting because nowadays, software development time is a very expensive luxury. Yes, even for big companies, the salaries of high-end software developers are a bit too much.
This has resulted in a very large interest in the “no-code” tools, which give people without much training, the ability to create their own custom applications. This can all happen without the need to submit a formal request for developer time.
Blockchain-based tools for everyone
Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also allegedly been developing a no-code project named AWS For Everyone.

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This is however, not the first time that Microsoft has released blockchain-based tools based on its apps. Back in May, the Azure Blockchain Development kit for Ethereum’s blockchain was released.  Just a few days later, the company revealed that it’s currently working on a decentralized identity network for the bitcoin blockchain.
The focus on Microsoft will be to make the blockchain-based tools available to all users of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. This is refreshing because blockchains, usually struggle to find many uses outside the complex and rapidly-developing world of cryptocurrencies.
Microsoft is by no means the first company looking to find uses for blockchain tech. The biggest Internet conglomerate in South Korea is already making huge effort towards blockchain and crypto use.
Facebook and other social media giants have already realized the large potential of blockchain technology. Facebook is reportedly even looking for near $1 billion to start their very own cryptocurrency which can drastically alter the global financial landscape.
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