Coineal Exchange is Listing ILCoin

Coineal exchange lists ILCoin. On the 20th of May 2019, the quantum resistant blockchain project ILCoin began trading on Coineal – a world-leading digital asset exchange. World’s cryptocurrency conjuncture. A recent study conducted by Dalia Research was aimed at assessing the number of people aware of cryptocurrency. A 24-hour rapid survey was held among over […]

JPMorgan Issues Dire Warning to Crypto Traders

JPMorgan hasn’t had its fill of putting down bitcoin just yet. JPMorgan Works in Crypto, but Doesn’t Seem to Like It It’s strange in the sense that JPMorgan has clearly initiated a run in the crypto market with the development of its new JPM Coin. At the same time, the banking giant can’t seem to […]

Bitcoin’s Maturity Confirmed in New Report

Is it possible for cryptocurrency to change? How Crypto Can Be Altered Yes, but we should reword that question so that it makes a little more sense. It’s not so much that cryptocurrency changes, but rather the technology behind it, and in the case of mainstream cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, big changes are occurring. Some of […]

White Hat Hackers Can Make a Good Living

It pays to be a hacker. Whether you’re fixing problems or adding to the deadly mix out there, there’s a lot of money to be made if you know how to infiltrate computer networks. Scary, but Super Skills If you’re in the former category, you’re what’s considered a “white hat hacker.” These are individuals hired […]

Why IEOs Might Drive New Investors to the Crypto Market

Coinspeaker Why IEOs Might Drive New Investors to the Crypto MarketAttracting new investors into the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task. Initially, we had Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as the main method of investing in blockchain projects and this proved to be a short-lived success in bringing people into the community. As time went […]

Coinbase’s ‘Earn’ Program Expands to 103 Countries

Coinspeaker Coinbase’s ‘Earn’ Program Expands to 103 CountriesCryptocurrency exchange Coinbase expanded their Earn program to 103 countries. The program started in December 2018, and it was on an invitation-only basis. Coinbase said that the main focus is on getting users earn cryptocurrency by taking part in various educational tasks. The blog announcement reads:“Coinbase Earn enables […]

XEM Has Made its Way Into the Top 20 with a 55% Surge

As the crypto market slowed down from the crazy bull run, one altcoin gained 55% during the last week. NEM (XEM) defied this small correction and became the week’s absolute best performer among the top 100. On Thursday, NEM spiked with 50% in less than 6 hours. The altcoin’s daily peak was the highest since […]

Google Bitcoin Searches Are Increasing Very Quickly

As the 2017 bull run came to an end, so did the huge interest in bitcoin. That’s only natural since bitcoin and almost all cryptocurrencies, lost at least 80% of their value during 2018. Now, as the bear market is over, Google bitcoin searches are going through the roof. Since the price jumped a little […]

Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and Brazil

Coinspeaker Ripple Pushes Its XRP-Powered xRapid Solution to Argentina and BrazilAccording to the announcement made by Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, their XRP-powered cross-border payment solution xRapid has reached two new countries. Now it is available in both Argentina and Brazil.It has already become a tradition that namely the CEO himself makes announcements of the […]