Many partnerships are forming around the world to speed mass adoption. Companies are brainstorming for different ways to integrate crypto into their business. After the launch of the HTC Exodus 1 didn’t get the desired interest, the smartphone developer is moving forward with the HTC Exodus 1s.
The HTC Exodus 1s will be launched before the end of the year. A lot of crypto enthusiasts were disappointed because the only special feature turned out to be the storage enclave “Zion”.
Zion however, was only able to store keys for… access to digital cats. The phone was also anything but affordable as it costed the mind-boggling $950. HTC quickly realized that the price was too high and allowing people to only purchase the product with either bitcoin or Ethereum was a mistake.
The company quickly lowered to price to $699, but that simply wasn’t enough. Granted, the phone was not a failure by any means, but it still did disappoint. HTC simply shot too far, too soon.
This is why, the Exodus 1s will focus on providing increased support for dApps, decentralized browsing and messaging. According to HTC, this new blockchain smartphone is able to run a full bitcoin node as well.
The Exodus 1s will be quite affordable
Apparently, HTC also realized how far they went with the price so the Exodus 1s will be available for just $300. Yes, for $300, you will able to contain the whole bitcoin blockchain on your phone and verify transactions.
Phil Chen is HTC’s Chief Decentralization Officer and he believes in a fully decentralized web. He hopes to use blockchain solutions which aid in keeping your financial assets safe and under your control. This is the main reason he decided to work on blockchain phones.
According to Chen, people should really consider storing their information on a decentralized network. After all, if technology currently allows for people to secure their savings on an open source blockchain, why not just secure all your information there?
Granted, there are currently limitations like space and computing power. Those are however, issues that will be a thing of the past in a matter of years.
It’s completely understandable that the mainstream media vigorously attacks tech companies who in some cases, try and offer people privacy and security. After all, Facebook and other social media giants freely sell your personal data to add companies for profit.
It’s perfectly natural that a solution which can help people with privacy and security is a thorn in the mainstream media’s sight. Google and Apple are watching how you use their products non-stop, but it’s all good because we agreed to their terms and conditions.
If the Exodus 1s sees more success than its predecessor and decentralized networking increases in popularity, we can expect decentralized social media platforms with transparent algorithms. This will help against central authority banning or shadow-banning anyone who disagrees with their views.
Whether or not the Exodus 1s will be the blockchain phone that kicks things off is unknown. One thing is certain however, blockchain phones are coming, slowly but surely.
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