Craig Wright, Move! Bitcoin Cash Developer Amaury Sechet Claims He is Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright, Move! Bitcoin Cash Developer Amaury Sechet Claims He is Satoshi Nakamoto
Though Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency number 1 in the world and its name quite often is used to describe the whole class of digital assets by the wide audience, the history of its creation is still a mystery full of rumors.
It is known that Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. But who is he? Or maybe it’s a group of developers? Even Elon Musk was under suspicion but he denied his involvement in this project.
Still, there are more questions than answers. Nevertheless, such circumstances are very favorable for impostors to amuse the public.
New Satoshi Nakamoto?
Almost 3 years ago, in May 2016, the community thought that the mystery could have been revealed.  It was reported that Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright could be a real creator of Bitcoin.
At first glance, it really seemed to be rather convincing as Wright even tried to prove his identity by posting a digital signature that had been signed by Nakamoto’s private key (at least Wright said so).
However, as it was revealed a little bit later, it was not a real signature, just a copy (and frankly speaking, it was not very surprising).
But now the community may take popcorn to watch a new season of this series. A new Satoshi Nakamoto has just arrived!  Please welcome him! He is a Bitcoin Cash developer Amaury Sechet.
End of Mystery?
Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin ABC’s self-proclaimed benevolent dictator, decided to use his Twitter account with 13K followers to disclose one of the main secrets of the crypto world.
He posted a tweet that contained the words nobody expected to hear from Deadal Nix (its Sechet’s Twitter nickname). ‘I am Satoshi Nakamoto!’, tweeted he.

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I am Satoshi Nakamoto. There it is said and I can prove it:304502200fc3909c3224bc140b7aed365f33f066bd81eabedd198ad2a257882e86586ae8022100f03c6f63cddb43ebf48512c9a0cc0f97fd2cf227d22f15691d7ad65e49ddd659
— Deadal Nix (@deadalnix) February 8, 2019

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To sound weightier, he even used several tweets to show how serious he is.

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The hash of the message is 69ea465fc5f924b61dd51514617a8f2118bc1363c7a91a249d1ac404662139b3
It's content will be revealed soon.
If you don't believe me, stiff!
— Deadal Nix (@deadalnix) February 8, 2019

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem that Twitter community is going to take him seriously. And one of the reasons is that people still remember the infamous Dr Craig S Wright, AKA Faketoshi who also reacted to the statement of Sechet, by the way.

Oh A shame you fail to understand even the basics concerning bitcoin
Please continue down that path.Do not allow me to stop you.
How about you swear an oath formally…
— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) February 9, 2019

According to Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell, it is not so difficult to pretend being Satoshi and even try to prove it as it might seem. He explained:
“So, for example, a couple years ago Craig Wright claimed to ‘prove he was Satoshi’ by simply copying some pre-existing signatures out of the blockchain and posting somewhat obfuscated instructions on verifying them. It was figured out pretty quickly, but still managed to fool a lot of people– they were too caught up in the mumbojumbo to think of the obvious.”
This time, a lot of people haven’t believed a new Satoshi and have reacted like this:

I knew that all along. Your beard gave it away. One look at that beard of yours and I knew you were Satoshi Nakamoto.
— (@spinbch) February 8, 2019

What Comes Next
Despite the fact that the community is not very impressed by the statement of the prominent BCH developer and doesn’t take it very seriously, it is not the end of the story. He still hasn’t published the proof that he promised to reveal. In one of his latest tweets he just promised us that we will see that he is right.
Now there are no serious grounds to rely on the information provided by Sechet, but if he is Satoshi and he has lost belief in Bitcoin Core, why hasn’t he put in his funds to boost the price of Bitcoin Cash? Yes, as we have already said, there are too many questions.
But even if you are also one of those who prefer not to believe this new Satoshi, let’s just try to be patient and wait for some new details. At least, it’s a funny story to keep an eye on.
Craig Wright, Move! Bitcoin Cash Developer Amaury Sechet Claims He is Satoshi Nakamoto