Bitcoin Might Replace Gold: Nick Szabo

According to popular cryptographer Nick Szabo, Central Banks might resort to cryptocurrency reserves as means of supplementing national gold reserves. The industry expert also thinks that countries with troubled economies will see an increase in cryptocurrency usage.  Cryptocurrency Demand to Increase in Failing Economies Attending the Israel Bitcoin Summit at the University of Tel Aviv […]

Bitmain Replacing CEO Jihan Wu

Bitmain – the world’s leading maker of cryptocurrency mining rigs, is set to appoint a new Chief Operating Officer. The co-founders of the company Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan Ketuan, are stepping down from day-to-day affairs.  Abandon Ship According to the South China Morning Post, the world’s biggest bitcoin mining rig maker has made substantial changes […]

Wirex Adds WAVES to its Platform

CoinSpeaker Wirex Adds WAVES to its Platform The WAVES token holds a unique place in the cryptocurrency spectrum because its underlying utility addresses some critical hurdles that hinder the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, such as scaling, interoperability and security. Sasha Ivanov, CEO and Founder of Waves Platform, says, “We see Waves as the bridge […]

McAfee Report: Crypto Mining Malware has increased 4000% in 2018

A recent McAfee report revealed alarming information and statistics about the rising threat of Crypto Mining Malware. The numbers might sound brutal, but the reality could be even worse. According to the McAfee report, Crypto Mining Malware has increased by the astronomical 4000% just last year alone. This is completely normal, ever since the large […]

Chinese Analysts: The Bear Market is Here to Stay

Unlike the projections of prominent crypto bull Mike Novogratz, Chinese analysts do not see record highs for bitcoin. The majority of Chinese analysts predict that the bear market is here to stay, at least for 2019. State-run news outlet Beijing wrote the following about Bitcoin: „Throughout the whole last year, Bitcoin was nothing more than […]

VeriBlock ‘Spams’ Bitcoin Network to Secure Blockchains of Other Cryptos

CoinSpeaker VeriBlock ‘Spams’ Bitcoin Network to Secure Blockchains of Other Cryptos Recently, Bitcoin developers noticed some strange activity on the blockchain. Specifically, a large number of unidentified OP_RETURN transactions were discovered, according to Forbes. OP_RETURN is a type of Bitcoin transaction that is used for embedding data into the blockchain. It can be used for […]