Jeopardy Features Cryptocurrency Category

The massively popular Jeopardy game show recently featured cryptocurrency as a category.

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While nocoiners continue to scoff at Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the reality is that virtual currencies are pushing their way into mainstream consciousness. This can be seen by crypto showing up in various movies and TV shows. In fact, one of the most popular TV shows of all time featured cryptocurrency recently – Jeopardy.
Crypto Gets the Jeopardy Treatment
A Twitter user (@UnderstatedPete) was watching the hit game show yesterday and noticed that one of the categories was cryptocurrencies. He then tweeted an image of the category.
For those who do not know, Jeopardy is a game show that gives a statement while the contestants have to provide the answer. The aspect of the show that trips many people up is that the contestant answers have to be given in the form of the question. An example is “This Midwestern cartoonist created Mickey Mouse.” The answer would be, “Who is Walt Disney?”

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Anyone else see this?!@mdudas @fintechfrank @nlw @APompliano
— P (@UnderstatedPete) November 30, 2018

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Alex, the Answer Is…
Luckily for us, the Twitter user also tweeted the category questions while another user provided the answers. The answers/questions for the cryptocurrencies category were:

$200: An altcoin is anything other than? (Bitcoin)
$400: This rapper killed Coinye (Kanye West)
$600: Each transaction is a block connected in these digital ledgers that enable crypto to work (Blockchain)
$800: This 3 letter chat app created a currency similar to its name Kin (Kik)
$1000: Which country created the Petro? (Venezuela)

While some may not think much of cryptocurrency being featured on Jeopardy, it’s actually a great sign of this new technology gaining greater traction in the public consciousness.

Jeopardy is a TV juggernaut and is currently in its 35th season as a syndicated show. The show is watched by 9.4 million viewers every week in the United States. It should be noted that the TV show is also syndicated throughout the world.
The last year has seen Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies pop up in several TV shows. Netflix recently featured Bitcoin as part of its Explained series, although it got many things wrong. Bitcoin got a somewhat more positive showing in the Billions TV show. In the UK, cryptocurrency was used as a storyline for the long-running Coronation Street.
Would you have gotten all of the crypto-themed questions on Jeopardy right? Let us know in the comments below.

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