Hyperledger Global Forum

Hyperledger Global Forum
On December 12-15, when the open source blockchain community gathers in Basel, Switzerland, at the inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum, all eyes will be on the state of distributed ledger technology deployments.
Some of the best known blockchain case studies will take center stage thanks to keynote speeches by Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s Vice President of Food Safety, who will focus on blockchain’s role in increasing traceability within the food supply chain, and Leanne Kemp, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Everledger, who will share details of a Hyperledger-powered global verification system for diamonds and other gemstones.
As compelling as these high-profile applications are, they are just the leading edge of a wave of interesting deployments that are proving the value of blockchain and the Hyperledger frameworks and tools across industries and geographies.
At Hyperledger Global Forum, the demo theater track will feature a line-up of these applications with demos and deployment details. Here are five “can’t miss” Global Forum presentations for anyone wanting to see the power of a Hyperledger production system in action:

Things e-Commerce Sellers Should Know About Tablet Users
Tuesday June 18, 2019

Coinspeaker Things e-Commerce Sellers Should Know About Tablet UsersOnline retail – or “e-commerce” – offers consumers the ability to shop across the world wide web from the comfort of their own homes. Within moments, customers can peruse dozens of e-commerce sites to compare prices and offers to find what best suits their needs.The advent of […]

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Smart Cycling – Blockchain in the Public Sector

Slipknot – All Out Life [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Friday November 02, 2018

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Intellect EU, Belfius, and the city of Bonheiden have joined forces to create a SmartCycling Application to motivate pupils to go to school on foot or by bicycle. Through an Internet-of-Things chip, the municipality collects data from the kids on the number of bike rides, the kilometers traveled, fuel savings, avoided CO2 emissions, calories burned and such.
In return, the children receive digital tokens they can use to pay at the village fair or at the local merchant. The more kilometers they cover, the more “ducaten” (tokens) they receive. At the session, speakers will explain the complexity and challenges to create a local currency, define the business and legal challenges and demonstrate the live application, which runs on Hyperledger Fabric.
SmartCycling has been in production since September 2018 and will be rolled out in more Belgian cities.

Jewelry Stealing Prank: Best Employee Reactions [VIDEO]
Saturday December 15, 2018

The “jewelry stealing prank,” the latest viral trend sweeping across internet, is filling social media with videos of people trying on expensive jewelry and then pretending to run out of the store, while filming the reactions of the unsuspecting store employees. The viral trend started in China, with hundreds of videos flooding Chinese social media sites. The […]

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Two Million Transactions and Counting: Reconciliation and Settlement of Government Funds in Dubai using Blockchain

Reconciliation and settlement of financial transactions has been a generational challenge in a multi-entity landscape. A prime example: Dubai’s department of finance was taking 45 days to reconcile and settle their books with 40+ other government entities and 15+ banks within UAE. To address the complexity and cut the timeline, Avanza Innovations implemented Dubai’s first production grade blockchain implementation using Hyperledger Fabric 1.1.
The blockchain has already posted 2+ million business transactions since going live in Q1-2018. A real-time demo in the innovation theater will simulate the ecosystem of Dubai to showcase how the application solves one of the biggest financial problems of the world. See first hand how the application was designed, developed and runs today in the actual world with underline challenges faced and solved by blockchain.

Self-sovereign Identity for Ecommerce – a Live Demo of Omnitude ID Utilizing Hyperledger Indy, Fabric, and Sovrin

Omnitude ID utilizes Hyperledger Indy, Fabric and Sovrin to provide Ecommerce, Supply Chain Management, and other domain-specific identity attributes. With an emphasis on self-sovereign control, it enables bidirectional identity data and revenue flow between individuals, organizations, and devices on an enterprise scale.
This demo will showcase how to deliver a secure, controlled, and self-sovereign identity attribute and revenue exchange to Ecommerce providers and customers as well as the mutual benefits of controlled information exchange.

Integra Ledger, a Hyperledger Composer/Fabric Blockchain by the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

Combating the dual notions that blockchain’s utility is limited to the finance market and that implementations are extremely costly and technically difficult, Integra will demonstrate a blockchain used to support the global legal industry.
The Integra Ledger utilizes Hyperledger Fabric and Composer to deliver a live, consortium-controlled Blockchain backed by members including IBM, AIG, Net Documents, Orrick, Perkins Coie, and Liberty Mutual. Membership in the consortium requires producing a proof of concept, and the presentation will include real-world use cases that members have produced.
Points of focus will include critical utility services such as Universal Identity, Proof of Existence and PGP public key distribution.

Securing Cross-border Exchange of eHealth Data in the EU Through Blockchain

In order to facilitate the cross-border exchange of eHealth data in the EU, the OpenNCP community has designed and developed a set of open source components that can be adopted by participating nations. The KONFIDO project addresses the challenges of secure storage and exchange of eHealth data, as well as protection and control over personal data at a systemic level, through the implementation of six innovative technology pillars, including blockchain.
The KONFIDO blockchain-based auditing mechanism for cross-border eHealth data exchange scenarios among Member States is a system that proves that certain eHealth data have been requested by a legitimate entity, and whether they have been provided or not.
This demo will showcase the KONFIDO Hyperledger Sawtooth-powered prototype for log auditing that provides traceability and liability support. The demo will also showcase the work performed on Sawtooth Explorer to adapt it to the needs of KONFIDO project.
There you have it! There’s going to be some very interesting live demos of Hyperledger technologies shown off at this year’s leading event so we hope you join the action!
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