A great initiative was undertaken by Canaan Creative. The bitcoin mining firm decided to temporary reduce prices for all of its mining devices.
This is referred to as a “flash sale” and it began on November 29th. The flash sale will affect every single one of company’s miners. Both the Avalaon 921 and 851 models, which mine at (20 TH/s and14.5 TH/s respectfully) are currently available for $200.
There is no limit on the flash sale and according to the company, all the miners can be bought until depletion. The only exception is the Avalon 911 which is currently sold out.
Canaan Creative is willing to take a few hits in order to help miners
Steven Mosher is a representative of Canaan Creative and he wants people to have real reasons to enjoy the 11% bitcoin growth in the last few days. Miners should have something to look forward to after the last few weeks.
Mosher said:
“Miner profits were suffering in the last few weeks. There were shared concerns by many firms that miners were simply turning off machines are quickly selling everything. The emphasis was placed on the small guys, which were rumored to be leaving the market at a never-before-seen pace. That’s why when I saw Bitcoin up to around $4300, I wanted to celebrate. With bitcoin price rising however, mining gear was expected to rise as well. That’s why I wanted to try another approach.”
It’s no secret that the recent “bitcoin hash war” left the community and the market in a bad spot. Mosher explained that when it comes to mining preferences, the company is agnostic. He hopes people mine coins of their choosing and big miners remain committed and hopeful.
The firm is well aware that the flash sale comes in a tough period for miners. Last week was especially troublesome after the mass bitcoin miner exodus. The world’s 3rd-largest pool, F2Pool announced that more than half a million bitcoin miners have shut down since 15th of November.
Canaan hopes that the flash sale will have a revitalizing effect on miners. While the markets may not be anywhere near last year’s levels, a little investment can go a long way. If more mining companies were willing ot take hits such as Canaan, miners would have an easier time dealing with the current situation.
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