Bitcoin Pioneer Jeff Garzik Dishes on Giving Away $100 Million in BTC – and Who He Thinks Satoshi Might Really Be

One of Bitcoin’s leading developers, Jeff Garzik, has given away over $100 million in Bitcoin throughout the duration of his career, and he can’t help but look back on his actions with a smile on his face. Who Is Jeff Garzik? Garzik is widely considered to be the third-most influential developer on Bitcoin’s code after […]

BAT Token Crashes After Being Listed in Coinbase

The Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) has crashed after being listed in the popular Coinbase platform. During the last month, the virtual currency grew more than 175%. Its price moved from $0.13 dollars in October to $0.36 dollars in November. Nevertheless, BAT is currently being traded close to $0.27 dollars. BAT Token Losses Over 24% […]

How Does A Scandal Benefit Other Social Apps for Mass Adoption?

The revelation that 50 million people had their Facebook profiles harvested so Cambridge Analytica could target them with political ads raised questions about data protection and disclosure. While the researcher was at fault in this case, this opened a Pandora’s box which can either injure other social apps or open up a new opportunity for […]

Crypto-backed Lender Cred to Offer $50 Million in Ripple (XRP) Collateralized Loans

The leading crypto-backed lending platform has announced that it XRP holders can now use their tokens to collateralize USD loans. Cred Adds XRP to List of Accepted Assets Holders of Ripple (XRP) in need of fiat money need not sell their assets now. They can now avail a loan against their cryptocurrencies using Cred’s line […]

93 Percent of UK Citizens Have Heard of Bitcoin, Survey Says

Despite being in a fairly nascent stage in its development, nine out of ten people in the UK have apparently heard of Bitcoin. More interestingly, though, over 20 percent of them said they actually understand it, according to a new local survey. 9 out of 10 Know of Bitcoin in the UK A recent survey […]

Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Features in Top Crypto Media as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’

CoinSpeaker Blockchain Ecosystem Cryptaur Features in Top Crypto Media as ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ Claiming the success pinnacle for blockchain-based projects is a rarity, and for the most part, projects collecting huge funds during crowdsale wane over time during their struggle for survival. The case with Cryptaur, a recently rated ‘top e-commerce project’ – by top […]

Atomic Swap Guide: What are Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps?

Atomic swaps have been discussed in the Cryptocurrency community, but most people have no idea what they are. In this guide, I will try to explain to you as quickly and as easily as possible why atomic swap is a feature that is here to stay. Cross-Chain Atomic swaps give the ability to exchange digital […]

Winklevoss Twins Lose First Round Against Shrem in Court

The plot thickens between the Winklevoss/Shrem saga. In the latest chapter, the twins have ended up in last place during the first round in court. Assets Unfrozen In an update to the case, the twins have lost the first round against Shrem in court. In a report from Bloomberg, it seems that a judge has […]

Celebrate The Legalization of Marijuana! 2020 Is Giving Away 6 FREE Moonrock Pre-rolls

2020 is celebrating the legalization of weed by giving away 6 free moonrock pre-rolls. An original retail value of $100, but you can get it free if you just pay $12.50 shipping by clicking here. Cryptocurrency payments are accepted. You’ll also see a whole host of other marijuana items for sale that’s, sure enough, able […]

New Futuristic City Running on Blockchain Technology to be Established in Nevada

CoinSpeaker New Futuristic City Running on Blockchain Technology to be Established in Nevada Blockchain millionaire, a consumer protection lawyer and a CEO of a firm called Blockchains LLC, Jeffrey Berns signed a deal which has cost him around $170 million. Berns calls this structure a distributed collaborative entity as it is supposed to operate on […]