The famous and giant messaging application LINE has announced the first five decentralized applications that will be launching on their new blockchain platform. The information has been released on a press release the last Friday.
LINE Announces the First dApps on its Platform
In the press release, the company explained that they will be launching different apps on their platform. That includes the question-and-answer, product review, food review, location review and prediction decentralized apps.
At the same time, LINE will be offering its link token that will be used in the platform and power its own economy. Moreover, they will also offer their token outside Japan through the BitBox exchange.
The app Wizball Overview will be rewarding users for answering specific questions. 4CAST Overview will create a prediction market for users. Pasha Overview aims at rewarding users for posting different product reviews and help other individuals have specific information about them. The Tapas Overview app will reward users that post food reviews. Finally, the STEP Overview application will incentivize users to share different stories related to holidays or other recreational activities.
Moreover, the company will also be releasing a development kit in the future in anticipation of third-party services.
The press release reads as follows:
“The LINE Token Economy concept uses LINE’s internally-developed blockchain network, LINK Chain (mainnet), to build a LINK Ecosystem that aims to flatten the relationship structure between users and service providers to promote co-creation and mutual growth… LINE is preparing to publicly release a development kit in anticipation of third-party services to join the LINK Ecosystem starting 2019 (tentative).”
The review dapps will be launched in 2018 but there is no specific date for releasing the Wizball or 4CAST. At the time of writing, both of them are in beta version.
Back in April, the company explained that it was going to be supporting different decentralized applications on its blockchain network. In order to do so, the company had to hire different experts and developers in South Korea and Japan.
The decentralized applications have been planned by a subsidiary of the company known Unblock, which is based in South Korea. This subsidiary focuses on blockchain and other research and development initiatives and helped the company create its dApps.
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