Google Removes Three Crypto Wallets From Play Store

The shocking news for the whole crypto world came today, September 13. Over the last 12 hours, Google has removed three major cryptocurrency wallets from Play Store without indicating the reason. Among the delisted wallets were, CoPay and BitPay.
Despite it is not clear yet, what exactly brought about such a surprising action, CEO Roger Ver blames Google’s new cryptocurrency mining policy, according to which crypto mining apps are no longer allowed on Play Store. The delisted wallets are not mining apps, but Ver believes it was some kind of misunderstanding:
“Google told us that it was because they no longer allow crypto currency mining apps. I have no idea how they came under the impression that our wallet is a mining app.”
Anyway, is the only wallet among the removed three, which was relisted in a few hours after the incident became known.
The BitPay team gave no comments about the possible reason of its app being surprisingly dismissed, which leaves the community in total uncertainty, whether is it still safe to keep their funds in this wallet.
According to a cached version of Google, BitPay has over 100,000 downloads on the app store and a significantly high level of customer satisfaction, averaging 4.5 stars.  So far there are no reports of hacks or security violations, so the wallet had a high number of users and a high level of confidence in its clients.
BitPay is famous for providing services that allow merchants and businesses that traditionally use fiat money to adopt cryptocurrencies. In comparison to other wallets, this one offers its users such features as the possibility of buying Amazon Giftcards, integration with Coinbase, a crypto-backed Visa Card for the United States, integration with Glidera, acquisition of gift cards from Mercado Livre Brazil and Shapeshift integration.
Many Bitcoin Cash users hold on to the point of view that the strange incident is a part of some kind of “conspiracy” of Bitcoin users agains Bitcoin Cash.
As it was noted in one of such comments:
“They aren’t attacking Bitcoin-BTC though, which speaks volumes to the fact that they already took control over that in 2013. Bitcoin-BCH is the last bastion of hope for global freedom, and if Bitcoin Cash fails, there is absolutely no hope for a free future for our grandchildren, and I fear future generations will look back at this period in history as the time we lost our freedom.”
Anyway, BitPay wallet continues working on all the other platforms without any changes, as well on the devices that have it installed.
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