Leaked Document Suggests Huobi Collusion with EOS Block Producers

A leaked spreadsheet by an employee of Huobi, one of the biggest crypto-exchanges in the world, appears to suggest collusion between the exchange and other block producers for mutual benefit. Details of the Leak In what could possibly dent the trust of investors in the EOS coin, a leak by one Shi Feifei, a Huobi […]

Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Jockey for 2nd Place – Less than 3% Market Cap Difference

In what is turning out to be a closely fought battle, Ripple’s XRP is once again within spitting distance of dislodging Ethereum from its position as the number two cryptocurrency by market cap, having briefly achieved the feat last week and again earlier today.  Fight for 2nd Place Bitcoin is the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies […]

Bitcoin Fraudsters Misled Investors and Impersonated Regulators, CFTC Alleges

CFTC, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has charged two defendants with multiple criminal offences for attempting to steal bitcoins from their customers. Charges Filed for Bitcoin Fraud The US regulator earlier on Friday charged two defendants with fraudulent solicitation and other crimes. The two defendants have been identified as one using the name Morgan […]

First Pound-backed Stable Coin Announced by UK Start-up

London Blockchain Exchange (LBX), a UK based blockchain start-up, has announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency pegged to the Pound. LBXPeg, the First Pound Backed Coin LBX, a London based blockchain start-up, which currently offers over the counter (OTC) trading services, has announced plans to launch a UK Pound Sterling supported, stable coin dubbed as […]

Clean Energy Can Turn Bitcoin Mining Into an Eco-friendly Business

The concept of mining Bitcoin is subject to a lot of scrutiny. High electricity usage has both utility providers and governments concerned. The quest for clean energy-based mining is far from over. Three new efforts are currently being explored to put a positive spin on this energy-intensive industry. Introducing Ecological Bitcoin Mining The high electricity […]

LINE Launches Japan-only Cryptocurrency and Five New dApps

LINE Corporation has announced the launch of a Japan-only cryptocurrency, as well as five new decentralized applications (dApps). The Japanese online messaging giant says these new additions are part of its efforts to build a robust global token economy. LINE Adds Link Point Cryptocurrency to its Token Economy The company announced the launch of the […]

China’s Bank Of Communications Issued $1.3 Billion Securities With Blockchain Technology

In yet another definitive affirmation of the merit behind distributed-ledger technologies (DLT), China’s Bank of Communications (BoCom), has issued $1.3 billion of residential mortgage-backed securities using its proprietary blockchain-based network. Market’s First The issuance of $1.3 billion residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) was carried out by the state-owned commercial bank BoCom and it was handled through […]

Tiberius – A Metal Backed Coin Offering

Swiss commodity investor and manager, Tiberius is entering the cryptocurrency market by launching a token that will be backed by commodities – seven metals, to be exact. The main sale of the coin will start on October 1st. Metal Backed Coin Tiberius Technology Ventures AG, a subsidiary of the Tiberius group of Switzerland is launching […]

SEC Receives Letter from U.S. Congress Members Requesting Clearer Regulations

The last couple of weeks and even months have seen crypto industry experts in the U.S. call for clearer regulations. Now, it seems as if Congress is also pushing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the same. You’ve Got Mail According to CNBC, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton received a letter from some members of […]

Chinese Court: ETH Is Not a Currency but a General Property

Despite the country’s nationwide ban on cryptocurrencies, a District Court in Shanghai has ruled that Ether (ETH) should be treated as general property and falls within the protection of the law.  A Case Going Back and Forth The Shanghai Hongkou District People’s Court was seized with a case involving a transaction of 20 ETH across […]